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Reaction: Flowers in the Attic


Starring Louise Fletcher, Victoria Tennant, Kristy Swanson & Jeb Stuart Adams

Written by V.C. Andrews (novel), Jeffrey Bloom (screenplay)

Directed by Jeffrey Bloom

Synopsis: A mother brings her four children to live in the family estate, but the kids are locked up in a deserted wing of the house and tormented by their cruel grandmother. (

I couldn’t figure out how the hell to review this, so below the click-through, are my notes - verbatim - as I reacted to this film… which means there are spoilers.

Side-note: I can’t believe how angry I got over this film. I couldn’t go to sleep afterwards. I mean I guess the movie can be considered “good”, since it evoked quite the emotional reaction, but I just can’t grade it. ~The Brass

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